March 6, 2005

Sunday Stuff.

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I had planned on doing a bit of blogging (i.e. writing Part Two of the previous post) after my morning walk and the completion of a couple errands and before heading out to the Post to spend Sunday with the Usual Suspects. However, we received a surprise visit from TJ, so we ended up having lunch and shooting the breeze, which included, of course a bit of blogtalk, which, in turn, included some speculation about what might happen with Max Robichaux in the final chapter of Blog Noir.

I doubt that I’ll be doing much blogging later, because tonight HBO is featuring the first episode of the new season of Deadwood, which is being followed by the next episode of Carnivale, two of my favorite shows, each apparently vying for the title of “Television Show with the Greatest Number of Characters Desperately Needing a Bath.”

If I’m still awake and at all inspired after all that, I might be back. If not, talk amongst yourselves, and we’ll do Part Two tomorrow.

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