March 30, 2005

Does a Bear Shit on the Deck?

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bear on deck1.jpg

This picture and the one linked below were shot a week or so ago by a friend of a friend in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the Union. I have written in the past about the annual battle in New Jersey over whether the state should permit a limited bear hunt to control the black bear over-population and thereby reduce the increasing number of people-bear confrontations.

I suspect that even those who are vehemently opposed to the bear hunt would not be very happy to see this fellow (and they tell me that he’s a just a youngster) hanging out on the back deck.

Cousin Jack “On the Air.”

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Cousin Jack is dabbling with podcasting. Check it out here for some interesting information concerning the Byzantine process of getting a license, if one even exists, to play copyrighted music on a podcast. You can also get an ample dose of some serious picking (with the picker’s permission). Finally, you should not miss Jack’s rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (copyright has expired), which will make your hair hurt is truly inspired.

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