March 19, 2005

Saturday Phone Fun.

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I got a phone call from this guy just as I was pulling into the mondo liquor store parking lot this afternoon. I was there to pick up some stuff for Easter and for the Post. I sat in the parking lot on the cell phone as we spent about a half hour talking about blogging, booze and music (mostly guitar players).

As a rule, I don’t behave responsibly in liquor stores, much to the delight of my credit card company, but this was supposed to be a trip to buy booze for other people, not for me. However, after spending all that time talking to my Georgia friend about booze, I wound up tossing a couple bottles of primo bourbon in the already-way-too-full cart – for me.

Oh yeah, the real purpose of the call was to figure out why I cannot leave a farookin’ comment at his site. We never really got around to talking much about that.

Just Damn!

Spammer Prose.

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Of course, there is absolutely nothing good about comment spam. We all spend an inordinate amount of time trying to block it, and, once spammed, to quickly dispatch it to the cyber trash bin.

I do, however, find it curious that these shithooks think that the little messages they insert into comments really would fool someone into believing that it is a legitimate comment and not delete it. After all, these little love notes are intended for bloggers, and I doubt that there is a blogger on the planet that would be fooled by them.

What I find even more curios is that the persons with the sophistication to figure out how to create spambots that can distribute nine gazillion comments with one mouse click can’t manage to put one or two reasonable sentences together.

Here are a few examples that I cut and pasted directly from some of the actual “comments” I have received. As such, they are exactly as they appeared in comments section.

Comment: Lovely, I must say, there is not so much themes, which deserve a comment. This one is realy needful

Damn, I had always thought that I did have realy much themes. I’ll just have to work harder, as I do not wish to write needful posts.

Comment: 228 there is not enough time in the day, I dont even know where to start.

How about starting by telling me what’s with the “228?”

Comment: Funky days. Been browsing too long. Like your design simple but effective.

You’ve damned sure been doing something too long. Do you have hair on your palms?

Comment: I love your site. It´s really a pleasure to read through all this interesting stuff and it home.

Yep, it home just fine thanks.

Comment: It´s really a great joy being here. Your site is a varied mixture of the latest news, specified information and activ power.

Thanks, buddy. I avoid unspecified information like the plague, and I do strive for activ power, because inactiv power is hell on one’s bowels.

Comment: Hallo you! Great site. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I will recommendyou page to all my friends.

Hallo you too. I’m really happy that you will recommendme page to your friends, who most certainly live in a place where they have to cut their food with tongue depressors.

Comment: I do like this blog a lot. thanks for keeping all the spammers off it

Thank you. irony must have been your major at the home.

They’d be funny, if they weren’t so gott-damned hateful.

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