March 29, 2005

Bloggers Everywhere!

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Quite a night, this.

As I was pulling into my driveway tonight, sporting a major case of the ass from a long and aggravating day, I got a phone call from Eric. My rotten mood instantly turned around when he told me that he was calling from Chicago where he was attending a Blogmeet and was, at that moment, surrounded by Bloggers. They were obviously having a helluva time. Before I knew it, I was talking to Teresa from Technicalities, Harvey of Bad Example, and my buddy – The Laughing Wolf. I wish I could have transported myself to the Windy City to join in the serious writing discussions that I am sure would be taking place as soon as I hung up the phone.

About a half hour (and a plate of kielbasa and eggs and a couple bourbons) later, I tuned into Yellowstone Radio via the Internet to listen to a panel discussion about blogging. The panelists included Craig of mtpolitics (who liveblogged the event) and Karen of karbonkountymoos. Randy and T.L. Hines called in, and it was great to hear their voices. I had drunk just enough bourbon to dial in to the program. The call screener said, “Wow, we never had a call from New Jersey before,” and he put me right on the air. However, I suspect that after hearing about thirty seconds of Jerseyspeak, he decided that I would be the last call they would take from New Jersey. I can’t believe that they actually thought that I have an accent. Fuggetaboutit!

Talking to Bloggers in Chicago and calling in to a Montana radio program where some of my cronies were appearing – this blogging thing is pretty farookin’ amazing.

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