November 8, 2007

Right-Wing Paranoia?

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Check out this post, which details the efforts of young men, described as being “Middle Eastern,” trying to purchase school buses in various U.S. cities. In each instance, they were turned down. In addition, Federal Officials alerted schools in six states that a computer disc was discovered in Iraq that contained photos, floor plans and other information about their schools.

Connect the dots.

Given that the attempts to buy the school busses took place in 2006, I like to think that this was one of the terrorist plots that was quietly thwarted by the government. However, I know that these folks are determined and very patient. After all, they have been at it for a thousand years or so.

It scares the hell out of me to think that one of these days they’ll succeed.

School buses.

Floor plans of schools.

Think about that.

Via Fausta

Youse Guys Talk Wrong.

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I found this at the Wiseass Jooette’s Site, and this confirms that, despite what those of you with southern ears may hear, she (with her ass built too close to the ground) and I don’t talk the same.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


This could either mean an r-less NYC or Providence accent or one from Jersey which doesn’t sound the same. Just because you got this result doesn’t mean you don’t pronounce R’s.(People in Jersey don’t call their state “Joisey” in real life)

Personality Test Results

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I took a similar quiz a while back here, and the results came out the same. That pretty much closes the case.

No wonder they look at me funny in Tennessee and Georgia when I say, “Yo! Haya dooin’?”

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