November 20, 2007

Pomegranate Vodka.

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I know damned well that whenever youse peeps visit your local liquor emporium you stare at the ever increasing array of booze. You invariably focus on a particular bottle and think to yourself, “Damn, I’d sure like to try that, but I’m not too thrilled about forking over twenty bucks for something that might taste like shit.” You move on, picking up one of your tried and true favorites knowing … just KNOWING that “Ol’ Jimbo will get around to trying that stuff and letting us know whether it’s worth a double sawbuck.”

Well, if you recently found yourself staring at a bottle of Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka (presumably while you were there to pick up a bottle of Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, the magic elixir) and you wondered whether it is worth a shit, worry no more.

Yes, I picked up a bottle yesterday and placed in the freezer for today’s tasting. I poured myself a generous helping directly from the freezer. I gave it a whiff, then a generous “sip.” I liked it. The taste of the fruit is not overpowering, but rather it remains in the background just enough so that the vodka comes through sufficiently to serve as a pre-dinner belt. At the same time, there is enough fruit in the taste to enjoy it as an after dinner drink, if one wishes to avoid the often too syrupy after dinner cordials. It would also stand up well to ice (of course, only clear ice will do).

Then again, it would kick ass right out of the bottle. The brown paper bag is optional.

Note: I have no connection with any entity that makes, sells or promotes the stuff, nor has any entity paid me anything to write this (not that it’s worth a dime). In fact, it cost me twenty bucks to write this post. Just so’s ya know. The things I do for youse peeps.

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