June 8, 2008

Philly Ducks.

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While we were in Philadelphia, we chartered a couple of Philly Ducks for a tour. They are refurbished WWII Army DUKW amphibious vehicles. You hop into one of these, and the “Captain” takes you for a riding tour of historic Philadelphia. Once the vehicle reaches Market Street in the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Captain drives the DUKW into the Delaware River, for the water part of the tour, which includes sailing past the Battleship New Jersey and other great ships.

Everyone is presented with a “quacker,” as a souvenir. Thirty-five lawyers all making like ducks. Quite something to behold.

Touristy? Absolutely.

Great fun? Absolutely.

It’s just one of many fun things to do in the City or Brotherly Love.

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