June 12, 2008

Because You Need to Keep Up With All The News That’s Fit to Print…

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I bring you some relevant headlines from today’s news…

Here in Massachusetts we too have intense political situations that require HEADLINES!!!

Gov.’s Daughter Says She’s Gay

This is vital news people! You should… well I’m not sure what you should do or why you should care, but obviously we should… something, because it’s a HEADLINE!!!

Then you see some compassionate teaching!

Teacher Gives Class MCAS Answers Before Test

Isn’t that the kind of teacher we should all have! She was only trying to help.

Just when you thought Massachusetts might not be doing all it can do to combat Global Warming (cue Organ Music!)

Mass. School Buses About To Get Greener

Aren’t you feeling cooler already? No, it’s not just because the temperature dropped when the storms came through… what are you thinking?

But here I am talking about Massachusetts and I know what you really want is the New Jersey News!

Will he or won’t he? I’m sure all New Jersey is waiting with bated breath for the answer to this incredibly pressing question…

CNN’s Lou Dobbs mum on run for NJ governor

C’mon Lou!!! Quit holding out on us.

I’m quite sure the Wiseass Joo-ette will have a few things to say about this one:

Officials test for chemical vapors in NJ neighborhood

See, it wasn’t Jimbo!

This should make Jimbo smile when he returns.

Poll finds NJ voters unhappy with Corzine, state budget

I can hear it now. “Told ya so!”

But just in case he thinks things are changing…

Public workers in NJ charged with stealing gas for own cars

New Jersey business as usual.

Now, aren’t you glad I’m here to keep you up to date!

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