June 26, 2008

Wasssup, Jimbo?

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Made a new appointment with the dentist, as I was too sick to keep the most recent one. I went to visit Doctor Doctor after work about the crud that accompanied me from Hawaii (I’ve been properly schooled not to wait). He poked, prodded, listened, shined lights on various orafices and confirmed that I will likely live. He provided me with some meds (meds you can drink with, of course) and advised me to “rest whenever you can.” I’m sure that advice contemplated my not sitting in front of this computer at ridiculous hours writing goofy shit.

Besides, today was Mrs. Parkway’s birthday, so I spent my “blogging time” having a cocktail with Mrs. Parkway on the deck.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the will and energy to get back to the goofy shit.

Hasta la pizza.

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