December 18, 2008

Laundry Talk.

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Let’s talk laundry for a minute, shall we, for I am, after all, a Laundry Guy.

One of today’s loads was “darks.” Sometimes “darks” contains various shades of “dark,” and sometimes even a color or two creeps into the mix. It’s all good, as long as one sticks with cold water. Ahhh, but today’s load of darks happened to be all seriously dark things – primarily blacks and blues, one such blue thing being a pair of Mrs. Parkway’s jeans.

Now, when I wash my own jeans, I always check the pockets, because one never knows what is lurking around in those babies – change, paper money, cigarette lighters, etc. By contrast, I never bother to search through the pockets of Mrs. Parkway’s jeans, because unlike me, she is not a careless slob who willy-nilly tosses her duds into the laundry basket.

You probably can see where this is headed, no?

Suffice it to say that, in the future, I will be searching the pockets of Mrs. Parkway’s jeans before I commit them to the depths of Lake Maytag.

Do you have any idea what a couple tissues left in a pants pocket can do to a load of blacks and blues? Had to be ten thousand little white paper yitchkees all over the clothes. Very bad news.

A good Laundry Guy learns from his mistakes, and I am a good farookin’ Laundry Guy.

That is all.

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