December 2, 2008

Barbara Walters’ Obama Interview: The Cutting Room Floor.

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Millions of people watched Barbara Walters swoon over President-Elect Obama. Apparently, the producers of the show decided that portions of the interview should not be televised. Fortunately, PRS Operatives managed to obtain those omitted portions. They appear following Ms. Walters’ interview of President-Elect Obama.

Intro: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am bwoadcasting tonight from the Office of the Pwesident-Elect. My vewy special guest, or I should say, guests tonight are Pwesident-Elect Obama and his lovely wife Michelle Obama.

BW: Good evening Mr. Pwesident-Elect. It’s an honor to meet you.

BHO: My pleasure, Barbara. Please call me Barack.

BW: Oh my, how gwacious of you! OK, then “Bawack” it is!

BW: Duwing the campaign, you were cwiticized by wepublicans for lacking foweign policy cwedentials. How do you wespond to those cwiticisms now that you’ve won the election?

BHO: Typical right-wing bullshit is what it was. They can kiss my black ass!

BW: Maybe we should take a bweak now. Stop the tape.

BHO: Good. I need a goddamned smoke.

BW: Tell me, Bawack. If you were a can of soup, what kind of soup would you be?

BHO: Are you shitting me?

BW: Stop the tape. No, I’m sewious, Bawack. Your opposition says that no one weally knows much about you, and I feel that this question is both entertaining and wevealing.

BHO: OK. If you say so.

BW: Roll tape. Tell me, Bawack. If you were a can of soup, what kind of soup would you be?

BHO: Fascinating question, Barbara. I believe I would be a can of black bean soup.

BW: Intewesting answer, but some might say that you are playing the wace card with that answer.

BHO: Damn, you sure are one dumbass white woman.

BW: I think it’s time for another bweak.

BW: Michelle, let’s turn to you. I often hear it said that you are particularly well gwounded. Would you agwee with that assessment?

MO: That is most flattering, Barbara. Thank you. I suppose it is true. I think it is important to keep things in proper perspective and not to be carried away with a celebrity thing.

BW: Actually, when I spoke of your being well gwounded, I was wefewwing to your wather large feet.

MO: My feet? How’d you like me to come up side yo head, bitch?

BW: I think another bweak is in order.

BW: Back to you, Bawack. Duwing the campaign, and even now, people have compared you to Jesus Chwist and Pwesident Lincoln. Is that a fair compawison?

BHO: No, it’s not fair, because people should be comparing them to me.

BW: Are you saying that you’re gweater than Jesus Chwist or Pwesident Lincoln? Isn’t that a bit of a stwetch?

BHO: Not really. You see, the problem those guys had is that they didn’t know how to use a computer.

BW: But, Bawack. There were no computers when Jesus Chwist and Pwesident Lincoln were alive.

BHO: Sucks to be them. How much longer is this shit gonna take? I need another smoke.

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