December 13, 2008

Move Over, Eliot Ness.

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Here, in New Jersey, where we have sections of cities that look like some shithole in Somolia and which are equally dangerous, and where you can’t spit without hitting a crooked politician, our Crime Busting Attorney General, Anne Milgram, a Jon Corzine appointee, turned the state’s law enforcement guns on the company that sells Kinoki Foot Pads!

Perhaps you have seen the infomercials. These are the lily-white pads you stick to the bottoms of your feet while you sleep, and the next morning when you remove them, they are all brown and nasty looking. According to the seller of this product, this is because the pads are busy removing all sorts of dreadful toxins from your blood. Of course, the claim is complete rubbish.

Ms. Milgram is following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Peter Harvey, whose office wrestled Blockbuster to the ground over late fees, while U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie was successfully prosecuting a boatload of crooked state politicians.

Arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

You betcha!

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