April 8, 2010

An Update of Sorts.

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I’ve been rather busy running up and down the Parkway between two houses and trying to remember what stuff is where. As such, I barely have the time or energy for an update, but here ‘tis:

The House by the Parkway (North) will be listed for sale, probably next week. If any of youse are interested in buying what will most certainly become an historic site (“Jimbo blogged here”), please let me know. If you buy the joint, I’ll throw in a selection of excellent booze.

I finally received a quote for the repairs and restoration work to be done on my beloved Gibson dreadnaught. As I expected, the work will cost approximately five or six time what I paid for the guitar back in 1964, but it is money well spent. That guitar and I came together when we were both young, and it has served me well on the many roads we’ve traveled as we’ve grown old together.

My father, also a guitar player and singer, always said to me, “Son, if you can play guitar, you’ll have friends no matter where you go.” Of course, he was right. It turns out that he always was right, even though there were times when I was young and “smart” and believed that he was always wrong. I’m happy to say he lived long enough for me to tell him that I wasn’t so goddamned smart after all, and that he was always right.

Now if I could just get the Gibson peeps to repair and restore my sorry ass.

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