April 23, 2010

The Way of the Vegetable.

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“Rutabaga?” What kind of a bullshit name is that?

Oh, like you’re one to make fun of names. Talk about a bullshit name, try saying your name, real fast, three times. Go ahead. Try it! Never mind. I’ll do it for you. ”Squash! Squash! Squash!” Sounds like someone walking through slush, or maybe shit.



Dudes, Arugula here. What’s with all the anger and arguing? That is not The Way of the Vegetable. Maybe you should each take a few cleansing breaths and look deep inside yourselves to find the source of this hostility. I believe if you just try, we can all get along.

Hippie jyerrkoff!

Moonbat douchebag!

Now, where were we?

You were calling me an asshole.

Oh, right, asshole.


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