April 13, 2010

Verizon Schmerizon. (Updated) (Update No. 2)

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Yesterday was “Toyota Schmoyota.” Unless Verizon gets its shit together, tomorrow will be “Verizon Schmerizon.”

Suffice it to say that Verizon has managed to mangle and pulverize my very last goddamned nerve.

If anyone from Verizon monitors blogs, including this one, consider yourself warned. I have had just about enough of being jerked around by you assholes.

Update: As you can tell by one of the comments, Verizon does, indeed have people who monitor blogs. I corresponded with the gentleman, who responded by saying that he would follow up on the problem (a land line problem). Initial indications are that the problem has been fixed. I will know for sure tomorrow when I am back in the House by the Parkway (North).

Update No. 2: I am back at the House by the Parkway (North), and I am pleased to say that I picked up the telephone receiver and heard the sweet sound of a dial tone. Props to the commenter from Verizon if he had a hand in making that happen.

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