December 2, 2010

New Jersey — Where there aren’t Enough Tax Payers to support the Tax Takers.

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WyBlog reports that, according to a study conducted by the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services, it takes between 67.5 and 90 private sector workers in New Jersey to support one state worker. The problem is that when you do the math, it is clear that we don’t have enough taxpayers in New Jersey to support our bloated state work force.

Well, isn’t that just farookin’ greatl?

The only possible solutions to this rather frightening problem are either to slash the size of the government workforce, or to dramatically increase taxes on New Jersey citizens, already among the most savagely taxed peeps in the U.S.A.

In my mind’s eye, I can still see that mega-asshole Governor Corzine pumping his fist at a rally of public employee union members and shouting, “I’ll fight for you!”. Huh? Too bad someone didn’t smack him on the side of his cruller to remind him that, as Governor, he is “management.”

WyBlog has the deets, including the numbers.

Via Doug Ross

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