December 15, 2010

Nothing Funny.

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Right now, I am too pissed off at the Lame Duck Congress to even think about writing something even slightly funny. These rat bastards are in the process of ramming a bunch of legislative bullshit down our throats – stuff that the voters in the most recent election clearly said they want no part of. The clincher is the $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill that is more than 1,900 pages long and contains 6,000 (yes, 6,000!) earmarks totaling about $8 billion.

Any republican who is responsible for any of those earmarks or who votes for this piece of shit ought to be drawn and quartered and, most certainly, should be kicked out of office. If next year the newly elected members don’t move heaven and earth to fix this disgrace, they too should be booted out of office.

It’s no wonder so many people think voting is a waste of goddamned time.

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