December 26, 2010

Katie’s Desk.

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After watching Katie Couric’s masterful interview of Condoleezza Rice, I dispatched PRS Operatives to gain access to Katie’s desk and have a look around. Here is some of what they found:

Pre-interview notes, entitled “Getting Condi, the wingnut, to admit that there’s no way she really is a black woman.”

A copy of a note to Kieth Olbermann: “Kieth, I would totally love to do ‘special commentaries’ like you do. Can you give me some tips. I’d make it worth your while (I’m perky in more ways than one – LOL).

A rough draft of what appears to be the beginning of her autobiography, entitled, “Nooze is My Business, and Business is good.”

The beginning of a note to CBS News executives “Ratings, Shmatings. I’m hot shit, and you damned well know it.”

A book entitled, “Foreign Policy for Dummies.” (The book shows no signs of ever having been opened.)

A note signed by President Obama: “Dear Katie with the sweet ass – Thanks for everything. I owe you big time — Best, Barry.”

A large box of Crayola crayons (all well used).

The beginning of a note to Bob Schieffer: “You old goat; it’s about time you got the hell out of my way Bob: Congratulations on your decision to transition to new opportunities. I always admired your work.”

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