December 6, 2010

Supermarket Snippet.

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A while back, I wrote about the inefficiency of men and women grocery shopping together (invariably caused by the men). The other day in the supermarket, I overheard a conversation between a woman and a man (a/k/a Health Nazi). The woman had put a box of prepared, flavored rice in the shopping cart. The Health Nazi Man, picked up the box and read the label:

Health Nazi Man: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah, this is really good for the heart.

Woman: You bitchin’ about the rice?

Health Nazi Man: Look at the ingredients. It’s not heart healthy.

Woman: OK, put it back on the shelf and go buy plain rice. I’ll make plain rice.

Health Nazi Man: Plain rice?

Woman: Yeah. Plain rice, but the last time I made it you bitched about it. You said it was “too bland.”

Health Nazi Man: (Returns box of prepared, flavored rice to the cart) Never mind.

Woman: Why don’t you go pick out some ice cream and meet me at the checkout.

Health Nazi Man: Great idea. Any particular flavor?

Woman: No. You pick one out. Just make sure it’s “hearty healthy” ice cream.

Health Nazi Man: Jeez.

This is a guy who probably should stay home or wait in the car.

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