December 2, 2011

“Number 9, Number 9, Number 9″

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Well, November 27th came and went. On that day, I wrote a short blog about putting up the Christmas tree, when I should have remembered that on November 27th this blog had its ninth birthday. It’s not so much a cause for celebration as it is for a bit of reflection.

In 2002, blogging was hot stuff. It seemed that damned near everyone who owned a computer started a blog. Nine years later, I wonder if blogging has jumped the shark, particularly for the regular person, non-corporate, no-advertising blogger.

For example, on my sidebar, there are 91 blogs/bloggers listed under “Peeps I’ve Met.” By my count, 48 of them are no longer blogging and 13 of them post only once in a blue moon. Many of them have abandoned their blogs in favor of engaging regularly in Facebookery and Tweetery. That’s fine, but it is a bit sad when people I know who are very creative and can write very well have descended into offerings such as “At the supermarket. Needed toothpaste.”

That’s not to say that this space, of late, has been any more interesting than a Facebook status update of the “Who-Really-Gives-a-Shit” variety. We’ll see what this year brings.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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