December 10, 2011

Liquid Candy With a Kick.

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The three jars pictured above admittedly look like stuff that belongs in an artist’s studio, but, in fact, they are concoctions whipped up by daughter, TJ. As she explained, one starts with lots of vodka (that’s my girl) and adds a quantity of hard candy of one’s choice. It takes several days/weeks and a fair amount of periodic shaking for the candy to dissolve into the vodka, but dissolve it does.

The one on the left is made with candy corn (yeah, the Halloween stuff), the middle jar was made with lemon candy and the red one was made with “Red Hots” candy.

OK, so how do they taste?

I tried the red one first, and guess what? It tastes like “Red Hots.” Lots of “burney” cinnamon flavor goosed up by the vodka. A while back, I tasted cinnamon vodka, and I found it to taste like Lavoris mouthwash. This didn’t. I liked it.

Next was the lemon one. Tastes a good deal like Limoncello. I tasted it directly from the jar into a shot glass. Next time (perhaps after I’m finished with this post), I think I will try it over ice (clear ice, of course) and maybe a splash of seltzer.

I had real doubts about the candy corn one, mainly because just thinking of eating candy corn makes my teeth hurt. I was pleasantly surprised, as it didn’t have a strong candy corn taste, but rather tasted more like butterscotch. I think I shall try that next time over ice (clear ice, of course) as well, without the splash of seltzer.

In sum, I couldn’t drink a lot of any of them in one sitting, lest I go into sugar shock, but each of them will make a fine after-dinner libation. If you find yourself around the House by the Parkway, I’ll give you a taste, provided there is any left.

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