December 23, 2011

Posts I Almost Never Read (Not that You Care, or Even Should, For that Matter).

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I was tempted to title this “Posts I Never Read,” but I have learned that one never says “never.” Now, if you are a frequent writer of any of the types of posts in the following list, please don’t take it personally, as I’m sure that lots of people like to read things that cause my eyes to glaze over. In addition, if you are one of the people who like to read the stuff that I ignore, please don’t take offense. No doubt I like to read stuff that would make you want to barf.

Anyway, here are the types of posts that will get a fast “move-along” click from me:

1. Posts that detail the writer’s latest dream. Snoozeville. Who cares?

2. Posts that discuss, in any way, football, baseball, hockey (oy!), or basketball. Especially basketball, which is decidedly a dumb game.

3. Posts that are very long, unless the first two paragraphs are real grabbers. I recall reading somewhere, a long time ago, that a person who reads lots of blogs has about sixty seconds to devote to reading any particular blog post. I tend to fall into that category, although there are lots of exceptions, depending on the blogger and the subject matter.

4. Song parodies. Once in a blue moon they’re clever, but even the very rare clever ones just don’t move me.

5. Any parody of “The Night Before Christmas.” Enough, already!

6. Any video of “The View.” The Stupid on that program is frightening.

7. Posts that delve deeply into the world of cyber-geekery. I don’t hate them; I just don’t understand them. Hence, “click.”

If you have gotten this far, you can add to your list of posts you almost never read, the posts by bloggers who think anyone really gives a shit what they almost never read. Of course, those who didn’t get this far probably already have posts by bloggers writing about what blogs they almost never read on their list of posts they almost never read.

Having re-read this post, I think I would add it to my list.

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