March 2, 2004

Laptopping Again.

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I will be away on a business trip (to that other coast) for the next three days. Doing my part to prove beyond any doubt that learning does not take place, I will again be bringing the cursed laptop with me. Some of you may remember how well I did with the laptop the last time I took it on a trip, when I had hoped to do a bit of the remote blogging like some of the fancy schmancy bloggers do. If it works out the same way this time, you will not hear anything from Jimbo, the techno-doofus, until my return (this time with the infernal machine in pieces, I swear).

Then again, hope springs eternal.

Rodger is Back.

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Now hear this.

Rodger, the Skeptical Curmudgeon, has a fresh supply of bandwidth and is back at his regular site.

A Helping Hand.

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Serenity moved on her own from Washington state to Texas to make a go of things. After a period of frustrating unemployment, she managed to find a job – a hard job (one that requires her to be on her feet all the time). She has been saving virtually all her money to be able to finish college.

Well, Life 101 just dealt her a horrible hand. She fell and broke her ankle in three places, which (based on my experience with a similar injury) will keep her off her feet for about eight weeks, and even after that, pain-free walking takes time. To make matters worse, this happened just a few days before her insurance was to kick in.

She’s a wonderful writer and a hardworking, decent person who could use a bit of help right about now.

Please consider heading over to her site and clicking on the Paypal icon. I’m sure that whatever you can spare will help.


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