March 8, 2004

Overheard in a Jersey Restaurant.

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Yesterday, as I was walking down the stairs to the men’s room, I passed a group of three women who had exited the ladies’ room and who were walking up the stairs. One of the women said to the others, “He didn’t mean it that way. He just said that she looked like an ugly little monkey.”

I must assume that the fellow the woman was referring to was a genuine Nuance Meister.

Oh, now that I’ve mentioned it, does anyone know whether the female drive to pee in groups is some sort of hard-wired genetic thing? You know, like elaborate nest building behavior or swallows returning to Capistrano?

Comcast Trubs.

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My incoming Comcast e-mail is not working and has not worked since Friday afternoon (outgoing is OK). I was hoping that the problem was Comcast’s, but given the duration of outage, I’m thinking that something may be wrong at this end.

I’m about to call Comcast.

Have mercy on me.

Update: Holy Shitsky (as they say in Russia) …. It took fewer than four minutes to speak with a human, and it took her about three minutes to determine that I had a corrupted e-mail that was causing a massive e-mail traffic jam, sort of like a cyber-stenosis, for you medically minded folks. Once she deleted the turd in the cyber punchbowl, a veritable tsunami of e-mails resulted, including spam, of course.

I suspect that the Satanic Red Triangle sent me the stinker. Curse you Satanic Red Triangle.

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