March 20, 2004

President Darren.

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TL Hines brings us another installment in the Dark Horse Dialogues series, in which he interviews presidential candidates who are, to say the least, long shots. Check out the interview with Darren Karr, a resident of Oregon, the Head of Party X, and candidate for the presidency.

Hmmmm….Oregon…..Maybe Cousin Jack will hop off the Kerry Bandwagon to vote for an Oregonian.

Blue Star in the Window.

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I shamelessly lifted this image from Trying to Grok, where Sarah has proudly displayed it on the right sidebar of her site. I hadn’t seen one of these in years.

The symbol was very popular in World War II, when it was displayed in the window of virtually every home that had a family member in service. Some windows would bear two, three or four stars. The blue star was exchanged for a gold one if a family member died in service (hence, the organization of “Gold Star Mothers”).

Unbeknownst to me, my mother put such a sign in our front window the day I left to report to the Army, and she did not take it down until I returned home for good. I had forgotten that she had put the sign up, and I recall being flooded with emotion when, upon my return, she kissed me on the cheek, walked into the living room and took the sign down.

I like the idea, and I wish that everyone with a family member in service would put up the sign. That way we would more easily know who the people are who are deserving of an extra helping of respect and admiration.

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