March 14, 2004

Keeping An Eye On Things.

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I find that I sometimes become preoccupied with other things, and I neglect to pay enough attention to the events that swirl around in the Garden State. After all, one can only read so much about corruption and governmental ineptitude.

Fortunately, I know that, in order to keep abreast of the indictment of the week and similar Jersey stuff, I can always take a look at Roberto’s Dynamobuzz. He’s a fellow Jersey blogger who keeps a pretty close eye on the adventure that is life in the Garden State.

The really good news is that he doesn’t just write about things Jersey, so you might want to take a peek at his site.

A Match Made in Heaven.

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Garage Sale.jpgThere are certain kinds of events that I am gleeful about seeing certain people participate in, because I just know that the experience will give rise to something interesting or comical. Along those lines, think “Garage Sale” and “Topdawg” from Two Nervous Dogs.

Yes, Topdawg was a seller at the Topdawg Garage Sale where he (or is it “she?” Sorry. I honestly am not sure whether Topdawg is a boy dog or a girl dog) reports experiencing “high entertainment in the spectacle of watching people pay money for things I am about to unceremoniously shitcan anyway.”

I would have been willing to pay money (considerably more than was brought in by the sale of the “White Plastic Hamper Chock Full O’ Rags”) just to have been able to watch it all happen.

I wonder if I can get it on VCR.

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