March 17, 2004

Fun With Deutsch.

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I like certain German words, sometimes because they are really literal, and other times because they sound, well, funny.

Bagpipe (In honor of St. Pat’s) = Der Dudelsack

Bra = Der Buestenhalter (One wonders why “bra” is masculine [“der”])

Vacuum cleaner = Der Staubsauger (dust sucker – bingo!)

Chewing gum = Der Kaugummi (makes one not want to chew it)

Pork = Das Schweinefleisch (pig meat – Yep, that says it.)

Airplane = Das Flugzeug (flight thing)

Cigarette lighter = Das Feuerzeug (fire thing)

Drum = Das Schlagzeug (beat thing)

Sometimes they fool around the names of people and television programs:

Laurel and Hardy = Dick und Doff (Fat and Stupid)

The Marlo Thomas Television Show, called “That Girl” = “Suess Aber Ein Bisschen Verrueckt” (Sweet but a Little Crazy)

Das ist alles.

Not to worry. There will not be a quiz. We’ll have beer instead.

It’s March 17th. Really.

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