March 27, 2004

Damn You, Evil Button.

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I again tangled ass with Mr. Template, trying to add a farookin’ button to the left side of the site. When I was done, the text above the button didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, the button itself looked like ca ca, and clicking it sent you nowhere.

After checking the Jimbo Code and not being able to find the error, I successfully deleted my noodling, rather than risk a hypertensive crisis. This time, I saved my work and sent it to Craig (whithout whom I would still be bogged down in BlogSpot), requesting that he “mark my paper” and tell me where I screwed up.

In return, I promised to talk to him about Business Law and Promissory Estoppel until his hair hurt.

So, that makes it:
The Button – 2
Jimbo – 0

The Fat Lady has not yet sung.

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