October 16, 2006


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A couple hours ago, I arrived home from a trip to Eric’s abode, where I spent some amazing time with a bunch of amazing peeps. If you count the extra couple hundred miles that resulted from our doing the scenic route home, we did seven states and 1,737 miles. Hell, I’m tired, and Ken, my good friend and bodyguard, drove every single one of those miles.

I’ll have a bit more to say about the trip, but, as I said, I’m kinda whipped right about now and, besides, seeing as how today is my boitday (Yes, Virginia, he’s farookin’ old), I’ll probably just have a nice dinner, a couple cocktails, and chill.

Oh, I do have to mention one thing before I click on “Publish”.

Maybe it’s divine providence, but I got my 250,000th visit today, and, if that were not special enough for us work-a-day bloggers, my 250,000th hit came from Boudicca, one of the aforesaid Amazing Peeps.

That is some seriously good juju, that is.

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