October 23, 2006

Red Bull Energy Drink.

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Red Bull Drink.jpgHave you ever tasted Red Bull Energy Drink? I have.

On the long drive back from Tennessee, I decided that an energy boost would be a good idea, so I bought a can of the stuff, popped the top and took a long swallow.

Let me say that, in my life, I have been fortunate enough to never to have had to drink piss to try to stay alive (nor do I find the argument that pee drinking can be therapeutic to be at all convincing).

As such, I don’t know how piss tastes, but my single swallow of Red Bull Energy Drink (which ‘is farookin’ yellow), provided me with what I imagine to be a pretty good sense of how the genuine kidney-spawned fluid would work on one’s palate.

I cannot tell you whether drinking the entire can would have provided the promised energy boost, because I didn’t want the boost bad enough to drink a can of piss-tasting stuff.

I will happily leave Red Bull Energy Drink to the afficionados of urolagnia.

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