October 24, 2006

Three Olives Vanilla Vodka.

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ThreeOlivesVanillaVodka.jpgAfter having turned the Usual Suspects on to Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, which has kept our local liquor merchant busy trying to keep it the stuff stock, and now, following the Hysterics at Eric’s, with people from various states scouring local liquor stores for the wonderful choco-elixir, I felt duty-bound to give Three Olives Vanilla Vodka a try. It seems so right. You know, peanut butter…jelly, salt…pepper, yin…yan, , Abbott…Costello, chocolate…vanilla.

After letting the bottle remain in my freezer for 24 hours, I cracked it open and poured myself a shot. I gave it a good whiff, and detected the aroma of vanilla, not too strong, but clearly there. As is the case with Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, the winning surprise is in the taste. As it was rolling off my tongue, I was reminded of the taste of what is perhaps the world’s greatest cream soda.

Will it take the place of my beloved chocolate vodka? Probably not, but that is because I prefer the taste of chocolate to that of vanilla. However, for those who would order a dish of vanilla ice cream over a dish of chocolate, this is your drink.

I then tried following a sip of chocolate with a sip of vanilla, and lo and behold, it was like having a “chocolate covered” direct from the Good Humor Man’s truck, except it ain’t ice cream, and it will kick your heiney real hard if you’re not careful.

I’ll be keeping a bottle of each in my freezer. Somebody better warn the local liquor guy to stock up.

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