October 27, 2006

Rolling Yachts.

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During our recent drive to and from Tennessee, I was taken by the number of self-propelled homes I saw. (Ken told me that the proper term for these things is “motor coaches”.) Most of them have a car in tow (so that when you finally stop and hook the thing up to electricity and stuff you don’t have to unhook everything to go into town for a quart of milk). We don’t see too many of them in Jersey. Maybe it’s because the Garden State doesn’t host any NASCAR races?

Anyway, I was intrigued by the size of some of these behemoths and I wondered what the price tag would be on such a unit. Well, I have since done a bit of internet surfing.

Check out this bad boy (and once there, click on “showroom” to take a look at a typical interior). This one comes to you for a starting price of $523,000.00. Of course, I also wondered how much it would cost for fuel for that rolling yacht, but I suppose if you can afford to drop a half a mill on the item, the cost of gas is, as they say, “chicken feed”.

I don’t think that people who pull into a campground in one of these can seriously call themselves “campers”, so I don’t know quite what to make of it.

I do know that with a few of these babies the Usual Suspects could take the show on the road in some serious style.

Of course, one of us would have to haul the refreshment trailer.

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