October 21, 2006

A Trip to Da Liquor Store with Jimbo.

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Liquor Store.jpgThe one day I was home last week, I went into the basement to fetch a bottle of red wine. Holy cannoli! No red wine! Not a single bottle to be found. There were a few whites and even a bottle of “pink” for those who like “pink” wine. But, alas, no red.

I resolved that, upon my return to the Garden State, I would make a wine run and maybe, just maybe, pick up a bit of spirits as well.

After a morning walk, some backyard chores (blecch), a trip to the store to buy a new winter jacket, I finally hit the liquor store, which is just about one of my favorite places to shop. In fact, it’s not shopping; it’s an adventure

Seeing as how I don’t have any interesting content in mind, I thought I would share with you the haul from the trip to the liquor store. They looooves me at the liquor store.

Ravenswood Merlot , 2002 (2 bottles)
Ravenswood Cabernet, 2002 (2 bottles) – Had this one before. Primo.
Red Knot Shiraz, 2004, Australia
Muir Wood Syrah, 2000, California
Conte Priola Chianti, 2005, Italy
Twin Wells Shiraz, 2003, Australia
Toro, 2004 (Red from Spain – tasted it in the store, cheap and pretty good)
Blackstone Syrah, 2003
Sangiovese Di Romagna, Riserva, 2002, Italy
St. Francis Merlot, 2001 (Always a fave)
Rombauer Merlot, 2001 (I love this one; a bit pricey, but, for a special occasion – poifect!)

Chateau Reynella, McLaren Vale, Old Cave Fine Old Tawny Port (aged 12 years), Austraila (2 bottles) – A house should never be without port.

Three Olives Chocolate Vodka (2 bottles) – No surprise there.
Three Olives Vanilla Vodka (Based on my mondo positive experience with the chocolate, I have to give the vanilla a go, no? Abso-farookin’-lutely.)
Cruzan Coconut Rum (Straight from the freezer – very good!)


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