February 4, 2007

Super Bowl, 2007.

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uperS owlB 07.jpgToday, like 90+ million people, I will watch the Super Bowl. Truth is, I probably don’t even rise to the level of a casual football fan. I can probably name, at best, one or two players on either the Colts or the Bears. Maybe I can name twice that many on the team that plays in New Jersey and calls itself the “New York” Giants. Still, it is difficult not to be swept up into what has become a National Happening.

This year, as in past years, I will attend the Super Bowl Party at “Da Post”. My buddy Paulie and his brother Willie (the drag racer, who lets me pretend that I’m a member of the Pit Crew – the Junior Assistant Apprentice Parachute Packer and minder of the torque wrench), run the event. For a single, very reasonable, price there will be an open bar and lots of “manly” food available (on any other day, it might be called a hot and cold buffet, but not today).

Of course, the price of admission is only the starting point, because when I walk in the door, Willie, who is the “Pool Meister” will probably relieve me of at least fifty bucks, all the while calling me a “cheap f**k” loudly enough to get the attention of those who might have planned only to invest one or two bucks on a “square”, thereby causing them to rethink their wagering position. It’s become somewhat of a ritual, and I love it.

While Willie is running the pools (two for each quarter, two for the final score, and a couple more for God knows what else), Paulie mans the bar, and is often way more entertaining than the game – even the commercials.

Paulie’s non-stop, hilarious commentary on, well, everything, is worth the twice the price of admission. One of the best parts of the show is Paulie’s attempts to grapple with a drink request more complicated than a opening a bottle of his beloved Budweiser and his dishing the requestor a good-natured ration of shit.

You want a Manhattan? What the f**k color panties are you wearin’? Yo, Jimbo! This guy wants a Manhattan! How do you make that shit?

Hell, from time to time, I may even look in on the game.

America – Is this a great country, or what?

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