February 9, 2007

Another Cell Phone Vulgarian Story.

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oN ellC honeP ignS.jpgI often wonder if there are a finite number of Douchebag-Uses-a-Cell-Phone stories.

I’ve decided that the number is indeed finite, but it is possibly matched by the total number of grains of sand on all the beaches and in all the deserts in the world.

That said, here is yet another one.

I was sitting in a waiting room at a nearby surgical center. An intake/receptionist window was at the front of the room. All the chairs in the room were arranged much like church pews facing the front of the room. To the right of the receptionist window was a large sign that read, “Cell phone use is not permitted in this room.” Those words appeared below the symbol showing a cell phone in a red circle through which a diagonal red line is drawn (very similar to the sign shown above).

Got the picture?

May I be hit in the head with a bag of boogers if I’m lying, but a guy sitting in the front row, directly opposite the sign (It couldn’t have been more than six feet from his nose) pulled out his cell phone and made a call and proceeded to blab for several minutes. Note: He did not take a call and leave the room to talk. No, he placed a goddamned call.

There were some mutterings from others waiting in the crowded room, but they went unheeded by the cell phone vulgarian. I (and I suspect others) were all hoping that one of the peeps behind the window would enter the waiting room to tell the inconsiderate putz to “take it outside”, but it did not happen.

I should have moved to the front of the room to sit directly in front of the “No Smoking” sign and fired up a smoke. Just to make a point or two, ya know.

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