February 18, 2007

No Need for a Clever Title.

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Just watch the video.

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Head Scratchingly Amazing.

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agicianM.jpgI love watching skilled magicians. On one level, a good magician provides us with a few moments of joy that come with suspending reality. On another level, a great performance reminds us that we cannot always believe what we see.

Years ago I saw Doug Henning on stage in New York City when he performed in The Magic Show. He rolled a cage onto the stage; he spun it around and stuck his hands between the bars. My eyes told me that the cage was empty. One of his leggy women assistance climbed into the cage. He placed a cover over the cage and spun it around three times and then removed the cover. The woman was gone, and in her place was a damned lioness walking back and forth in the cage. Holy Crap!

Now, there are only two possibilities. Either Doug Henning defied the laws of physics and biology and instantly transformed a human being into a large jungle cat, or he very skillfully fooled everyone in the audience. I think that everyone beyond the age of, say, seven understands that the second alternative is the correct one.

My friend Brian, the Air Force Vet, sent me a video of some jaw-dropping magic. The background is in Japanese, but it doesn’t matter. Check it out.

I’m dedicating this post to my friend, the Stardust Shrink, who performs brain twisting card tricks (many using the same general premise as the one in video) – only he does the while sitting at the table eighteen inches away.

Pick a card — any card.

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