February 6, 2007

Rob’s Songs.

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Da Goddess has posted two of Rob’s songs, neither of which I had previously heard.

Justice Laid Me Low (a song about a Lady of the Evening – at least he thought she was)

The Dutchman (I believe that’s Rob’s brother singing lead on this most excellent tune.)

Man, did I love pickin’ and grinnin’ with those guys.

Un-Holy Crap!

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leeK rwinI.jpgMore often than I care to admit, I find myself awakened in the wee hours of the morning by the sound of an infomercial that is all about, … well …, shit. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It pitches a product called “Dual Action Cleanse” and features a fellow named Klee Irwin, the self-proclaimed developer of the product, talking to two people (at least one of whom purports to be a physician, as I recall) all about, … well …, shit.

If this Klee fellow is to be believed, we are all strutting about with a pickup truck-sized load of shit parked in our intestines at any given time. This, in turn, is causative of everything from diabetes to global warming. What to do?

Klee says that what we all need is a damned good cleaning, which will result in the production of longer and fatter stronzi.

Can I get an “Amen”?

Perhaps the weirdest part of the infomercial is Klee Irwin’s appearance. He has slicked-back, mondo greasy hair, lots of make up and one of those pencil-thin mustaches (see above), which reminds me of Steve Buscemi’s scuzzoid character in the movie Fargo. Perhaps the theory is that, if you are going to be a snake-oil salesman**, you might as well look like a snake oil salesman.

Here is a site that contains some quotes and video clips of Klee Irwin talking animatedly about the size (length and girth) of his four- year old daughter’s turds. No kidding.

By comparison, the infomercial in which Ron Popeil pitches that “Set it, and Forget it” gizmo is a work of art.

No shit.

** Here is a medical review of “Dual Action Cleanse”. Klee Irwin’s company has marketed several other products, such as Green Tea Fat Metabolizer, Steel Libido for Women, Phase 2 Carb-Blocker, and the Feel Good Chocolate Diet. Notably, at least one of his other products has earned him a love note from the FDA.

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