March 1, 2007

Mucus and Jersey Politics — Poifect Together.

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In the course of walking from Mr. Comfy Chair, Bankie and Book to the loo, I thought I would permit myself a few minutes of computer time to thank those who left good wishes here and in e-mails for my speedy recovery from the Demon Cold.

So, with that, here is an update:

1. Mucus. The Mucus Tsunami has considerably abated, for which my blown and wiped raw nose is most grateful. Still doing a bit of coughing and feeling less than chipper though, which is why I shall return to Mr. Comfy Chair as soon as I post this.

2. Jersey Politics. (Yes, Virginia, the subject of mucus does tend to lead naturally to thoughts of Jersey Politics.)

Governor Corzine, who apparently is seeking to become a High Priest in the Religion of Global Warming, is so pleased with having plunged Jersey into the abyss of global warming craziness, he is now urging that the Federal Government follow Jersey’s lead on further regulating the crap out people and businesses and creating a bloated, useless governmental bureaucracy and high taxes limiting emissions that contribute to global warming.

Imagine trying to keep a straight face while urging any governmental body, anywhere to follow the lead of New Jersey’s State Government?

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