March 15, 2007

Madam Commander in Chief.

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illaryH lintonC oofyG.jpgPotential future President and Commander in Chief Hillary Clinton has supported various iterations of surrender “phased troop redeployment” in Iraq, she has demanded that all troops be out of Iraq prior to the end of the Bush’s administration, and, more recently, she has stated that, once elected, she will end the war in January 2009.

Apparently, she has again changed her military mind.

During a recent interview, the possible future Commander in Chief announced that, if elected, she will leave an unspecified number of troops in Iraq for an extended period of time, according to the New York Times, to “to fight Al Qaeda, deter Iranian aggression, protect the Kurds and possibly support the Iraqi military.” She noted that military forces would stay off the streets in Baghdad (no patrols) and would no longer try to protect Iraqis from sectarian violence — even if it descended into ethnic cleansing [emphasis mine].


Will a determined Iran be “deterred” by the presence of a small number of American forces in country that are not doing much of anything?

Protect the Kurds? With how many troops? Wouldn’t a systematic attempt to annihilate the Kurds constitute ethnic cleansing, something she would order our troops to simply watch happen?

Will the American military have to check Terrorists’ ID Cards to see if they’re members of Al Qaeda before they would be permitted to fight them?

What if these Al Qaeda folks are in the streets of Baghdad (a place where our troops would not be permitted to go)? Would fighting them be permitted? Yes, because they are Al Qaeda? No, because they are in Baghdad?

What if these Al Qaeda folks engage in sectarian violence? Can Americans fight them? Yes, because they are Al Qaeda? No, because they are engaging in sectarian violence?

What if Al Qaeda folks engage in sectarian violence in the streets of Baghdad? Can Americans fight them? Yes, because they are Al Qaeda? No, because they are in Baghdad? No, because they are engaged in sectarian violence?

Exactly what will the American military personnel who are stationed Baghdad do if Baghdad descends into chaos and sectarian violence?

Perhaps they can play Parcheesi or musical chairs?

Folks, this is a woman who could end up being the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. Can anyone who at least knows which end of a rifle the bullets come from think that is a good idea?

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