March 8, 2007

Barry and the Stock Market.

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Now, let me get this straight…….

Barack Obama comes into some decent money, namely $1.9 million for a book deal. Nicely done, Barry.

He decides to invest some of it. Smart move, I’d say.

Barry finds a broker and gives him authority to buy and sell stocks without his input. Another smart move, methinks.

His broker buys stocks in two speculative ventures, which happen to be backed by two of his top contributors. Say what? Of all the stocks for sale on all the exchanges in the world, your broker just happened to pick these two stocks? Quite a coincidence, I’d say.

One of the companies, AVI BioPharma, was in the process of developing a drug to treat avian flu. Such a drug would surely be a big money maker.

Two weeks after the AVI stock purchase, Barry becomes an advocate for increased federal funding to companies developing drugs to treat avian flu. Say what? Another coincidence? This is not sounding too cool, Barry.

Barry stated, ”At no point did I know what stocks were held, and at no point did I direct how those stocks were invested.”

Sorry, Barry, but that just pegged my Bullshit Meter.

Not to worry, though, Barry. You’re a democrat, so the story will be gone in a few days. If you were a Republican, the mainstream media would be all over you like a pack of jackals, and coverage would be relentless. No doubt, Chuck Schumer would find time to hold a press conference to call for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Next time you might want to consider cattle futures.

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