March 26, 2007

Farookin’ Pigs!

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On Sunday, I finally decided that I would resume walking in the morning, given that the most nasty of the cold symptoms has finally gone away. My ears are still plugged up by some sort of head glop (and it is driving me more than a little bit nuts), but I figure that if I waited for that to clear up, my legs might atrophy.

So, with that, I headed out the door, eager to greet the morning, but particularly mindful of my diminished hearing. While walking, I wasn’t thinking of blogging or anything in particular for that matter, but then I came upon a local bus stop and saw THIS DISGUSTING SIGHT.

What made it even more gross was that THIS was a mere ten paces from the filth.

My grandmother (rightly or wrongly) used to housebreak dogs by rubbing their noses in their shit. Maybe that’s what ought to be done to the pigs who made this mess.

Farookin’ swine.

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