March 7, 2007


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This morning I was awakened to the news that two winning tickets for the $390 million lottery prize had been sold – one in Georgia and one in Jersey.

Yo, did the guy on the radio just say New Jersey?

As I strode to the computer to pull up the winning numbers, I could not help but think that vast riches were just a couple mouse clicks away. Oh yes, visions of an oceanfront mansion danced around in my cruller. Maybe I would treat the Usual Suspects to a trip to Hawaii to get away from the cold – Yeah, charter a plane – That’s the ticket!

I pulled up the numbers and checked them against my tickets. DENIED!!

I tossed my now worthless tickets into the trash and dragged my sorry ass off to work, hoping that if Catfish, Dax, Elisson, Kelley, Denny or Zonker bought the winning ticket sold in Georgia, he/she might just need a guitar pickin’ lawyer – maybe one from Jersey.

I’m still waiting for the call.

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