December 18, 2007

The Wiseass Jooette and the Matzoh Ball.

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Well, she asked for it.

Jooette: Yo.

Matzoh Ball:

Jooette: You just gonna sit there?

Matzoh Ball:

Jooette: Wanna watch some tube? Hill Street Blues is on.

Matzoh Ball:

Jooette: Wanna see me do some hand farts?

Matzoh Ball:

Jooette: How about we go out for a few beers and shoot some pool?

Matzoh Ball:

Jooette: You just wanna sit around here and do absolutely nothing?

Matzoh Ball: Actually, I’m having a lovely time just sitting here watching your moustache grow.

Jooette: Prick!

UPDATE: The Wiseass Jooette responds. Made me laugh out loud, it did.

A Public Service Message …………..

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As you may have noticed from the comment number 7 to the previous post, our dog poo blogging, gun slinging, motorcycle riding, purple-hair streaked friend Dogette is having significant access trubs this morning, which accounts for her absence and for our Jonesing for a regular installment of her wackiness.

She suspects Chinese spammers. I suspect her scantily-clad neighbors.

Update: It appears that the cable/internet service provider is experiencing outages in her area.

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