January 6, 2008


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PRS Operatives managed to catch a moment with Senator Barack Obama in New Hampshire as he was on his way to a campaign appearance.

PRS: Senator Obama, I’m with PRS. I know you’re very busy, but can you spare a moment for a question or two?

Obama: PRS? What is that?

PRS: It’s a blog, Senator. I’d like to ask you …

Obama: You’ve gotta change that.

PRS: I’m sorry. Change what?

Obama: The PRS thing. Sounds too much like the PMS thing. I am the candidate who can make change happen.

PRS: Thank you, Senator. I’ll keep that in mind. Now, may I ask you a question?

Obama: Sure. Go ahead.

PRS: Thank you. Senator, the United States has not suffered an attack on its soil for more than six years now. What plans do you have to see that the United States remains free from attack?

Obama: We need change.

PRS: I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we would want change things that have kept us free from enemy attack. You don’t mean that, do you?

Obama: Of course I don’t mean that. What I mean is we need to change the way we deal with other countries in order to restore America to its rightful position of being a nation looked up to in the world community. We must engage in diplomacy – you know, talk to our enemies, face to face – convince them that the U.S. is their friend.

PRS: What I’m really asking, Senator is what are your plans for the day to day activities that are necessary in order for America to continue to remain free from attack?

Obama: I told you, we need change.

PRS: I don’t understand.

Obama: Obviously, you don’t understand much about change.

PRS: I know one thing about change, Senator.

Obama: What is that?

PRS: I know that after listening to you I need to change my underwear.


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Anyone who has spent any time around here should not be surprised when I tell you that I have become an instant fan of this blog. It shall be an every day read.

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