January 16, 2008

Our Lickspittle, Douchebag Governor.

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corzine-hillary.jpgJon Corzine, the zillionaire who bought a seat in the U.S. Senate and became bored with it, and then bought the New Jersey Governor’s job. Now that he’s spent a bunch of everyone’s money, he has become bored with the Governor’s job. Obviously he has his sights set on a gig with the hoped-for Clinton-2 Administration.

It wasn’t enough that he traveled to Nevada to campaign for Mrs. Clinton, now he has praised her socialist economic stimulus plan.

Clinton has called for a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures, a five-year freeze on interest rates and a $30 billion fund to help states deal with the consequences of the subprime mortgage crisis. She has also proposed $25 billion in federal energy assistance to help low-income households deal with the record cost of home heating oil.

Of her election year “Bread and Circuses” plan, Corzine said, “It’s not just rhetorical, it’s practical.”


If, heaven forbid, this woman becomes president, I hope she appoints Jon Corzine to be the Ambassador of Bullshitonia – anything to get his grubby hands out of my pockets.


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Those of you who have been visiting for a while know that I farookin’ hate clowns. My unassailable and most excellent argument appears here. I am always flattered each time my views are vindicated.

A study conducted in England to determine the décor of hospital children’s wards demonstrated that children between ages four and sixteen universally disliked clowns.

That proves to me that they were very normal kids.

h/t to the Wiseass Jooette for sending me the article. (Not surprisingly, she likes clowns. Must be a Coney Farookin’ Island thing. Go figure.)

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