January 2, 2008

Legislative Dumbshittery.

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If Democrat State Assemblyman William Payne has his way, New Jersey will be the first northern state to apologize for slavery, even though New Jersey outlawed slavery 162 years ago.

Mind you, this dumbshittery is being discussed at a time when the state is going into 2008 facing a massive deficit (approximately $3 billion), the Governor is still insisting on spending an additional $530 million that state does not have, the state is facing unfunded liabilities of $56 Billion, and even the damned Turnpike may be sold to pay for the seemingly endless spending increases.

And yet, the voters in this state continue to elect these fools.

Oh, yes. William Payne is the brother of this congressional waste of space. I guess that Useless runs in the family.

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