March 9, 2008

So That’s What Was in that Truck.

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Driving behind a truck when it loses control and spills its cargo is never a great place to be, but I shudder to think of being behind this truck when its contents went flying all over the road.

Actually, a several years back, I found myself at night on the New Jersey Turnpike (far enough south where the peeps even talk funny) having to slowly slip and slide through a spilled load of stuff like this. From a distance, I thought it was a spilled load of wet paper. As I got closer, my nose told me otherwise. The car damned near got sideways driving slowly through the glop, and it took several steam cleanings of the undercarriage to get to where the car didn’t stink.

Here is an entire page dedicated to truck spills. Click away. You know you want to.

Via Mister Snitch

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