March 13, 2008

Conversation in the Produce Department.

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produce-department.jpgPRS Operatives had listening devices placed in a Garden State Supermarket in connection with a classified mission. As sometimes happens, we were surprised by the following conversation that took place in the middle of the night when there are hardly any customers in the store:

Celery: Yo, what did you think about the Eliot Spitzer thing?

Mushroom Who’s Eliot Spitzer?

Celery: Jesus, you don’t know anything about the Eliot Spitzer and the prostitution ring mess?

Mushroom Nope. Don’t know anything about it.

Celery: Damn, you are really ignorant. Were you raised in a cave or some shit?

Mushroom What kind of racist remark is that?

Celery: It’s not a racist remark, asshole.

Mushroom Yes it is, punk-ass bitch.

Celery: No it’s not!

Mushroom Yes it is, and don’t give me any of that “It’s not easy being green” booshit either.

Celery: Speaking of shit, you were raised in it, Dickwad! Bwhahahahaha.

GARLIC: Yo, youse guys! SHUT THE F*CK UP! I’m tryin’ to sleep heah.

Celery: (whispering) Now there’s a real asshole.

Mushroom (whispering) Yeah, no shit.

Celery: (whispering) Probably mobbed up.

Mushroom (whispering) Word.

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