March 22, 2008

Bill Richardson’s Call to Hillary.

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obama-richardson.jpgBill Richardson, former presidential candidate and Bill Clinton’s former energy secretary and ambassador to the United Nations, called Hillary just before publicly endorsing Barack Obama for the presidency. According to Mr. Richardson, the conversation “got a little heated.” James Carville, a longtime Clinton attack dog, wasted no time in making a not-so-thinly-veiled comparison between Richardson and Judas Iscariot.

Of course, PRS Operatives managed to obtain a transcript of the call, which is as follows:


Richardson: Hello, Hillary?

Hillary: Speaking. Who is this? Bill? Bill Richardson? Long time no hear.

Richardson: Yeah, Bill Richardson here. I wanted to talk with you …

Hillary: How are you Bill? We’ve been calling for days now, and we didn’t hear from you. Is everything OK with you?

Richardson: Yeah, Hillary. I’m fine. I’m calling, because I need to tell ….

Hillary: Everything OK with the family?

Richardson: Yes. Everything is fine. Please, I have to discuss something with you.

Hillary: Hey, what are friends for? Go ahead.

Richardson: Well, the thing is – I will be endorsing Barack.


Richardson: Hello? Are your there?

Hillary: Goddamned Sp*c!

Richardson: What did you say?

Hillary: You heard me, you miserable turncoat prick! This after all my husband did for your sorry ass? Hell, he even spent Super Bowl Sunday watching the game with you, eating a shitload of nachos and chicken wings and listening to your bullshit!

Richardson: I’m sorry, but I wasn’t comfortable with the tone of the campaign lately.

Hillary: Bullshit! You kissed my ass big time for the Vice President spot, and now I guess you figure you have a shot at it with the black guy. You’re an asshole. You’re going under the same bus his grandma did! Piece of shit!

Richardson: I thought you said we were friends.

Hillary: Friends? Don’t make me laugh, you wetback turd.

Richardson: I’m sorry you feel that way, Hillary.

Hillary: “Hillary?” It’s Senator Clinton to you, asshole. And, when I become President Clinton, the only goddamned job you’ll get in this country is picking lettuce!

Richardson: Well, I guess that’s that. Good bye and have a happy Easter, Senator.

Hillary: Eat shit and die.


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