March 30, 2008

A Chelsea Morning.

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chelsea-clinton.jpgRecently Chelsea Clinton, in the course of responding to a question involving Monica Lewinsky, which was posed by an undergraduate, Chelsea noted that she has made speaking appearances (largely question and answer sessions) at approximately 70 college campuses.

I cannot help but wonder if the starry-eyed, college kids who flock to these events to hear Chelsea tout her mother’s socialist agenda, which demonizes corporations and business entities like hedge funds, realize that they are listening to someone who is on leave (paid?) from her job with Avenue Capital, a hedge fund. I wonder if they know that hedge funds (investment funds open to seriously rich investors that makes speculative investments and often huge profits, by avoiding the regulation that applies to regular mutual funds) are perhaps the ultimate embodiment of Capitalism.

John Edwards, another fomenter of class warfare and supposed champion of the little guy, spent his time between failed elections working at a hedge fund.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a free market capitalist. If Chelsea can grab a gig that pays an estimated 100 – 150K a year and if John Edwards can earn boatloads of money working at a hedge fund, more power to them. I just think it would nice if the kumbaya college kids were aware of the hypocritical bullshit they are being spoon fed.

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